It’s a neurological test, help to estimate the rate of passage of the nerve impulse through the auditory nerve. It is an objective test need to deep sleep during the entire procedure.


What is ABR?

 Ans: Auditory brainstem response (ABR) is a bioelectric response of cerebral cortex to a series of acoustic stimuli. The data recorded using all types of AEPs (brainstem, middle-and long-latency EP) allows estimating the functional state of auditory pathways from hair cells to cortex.

QUE: -What DO ABR Test Results Tell Us?

Ans: ABR TEST ALLOWS ESTIMATING OF SIGNAL CONDUCTION MAILYUU ON THE DISTAL PART OF THE AUDITORY PATHWAYS INCLUDING BRAINSTEM. The pass result of AABR test Means that there is no signal condition impairment in the distal part of the auditory pathways. The Results of ABR test (ABR Curves with different stimulus intensities and analysis table of wave V latency) help to detect the patient and degree of Hearing loss (Threshold and level of Hearing Loss).

The Result of OAE & AABR the result of OAE and AABR tests allow differentiating cochlear and Retro cochlear pathology. Has the otoacoustic emission fails to identify auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder, some specialist recommend AABR as the universal test for hearing screening in new born.

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